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My Toddlers First

My Toddlers First Coloring Book is perfect for little ones that are just learning to use crayons. The Coloring book allows your special one to learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals, and much more. My Toddlers First Coloring Book helps develop hand eye coordination while your little one learns new and exciting things.

This book has large letters and large characters to aid in your child’s learning. My Toddlers First Coloring Book begins with learning the letters of the alphabet. Each letter takes up the page, with a cute object on the corresponding page that starts with the letter your little one just learned. This makes this experience more exciting, while learning.

After we learn letters, we move onto the basic number 1-10 set. Each number takes up a page, with a fruit represented by the number being learned on the corresponding page. This is a great teaching opportunity and a great time to be shared throughout the family.

From number onto shapes. My Toddlers First Coloring Book next section enables your little one to learn about shapes. Shapes have cute cuddly faces on one side, with a shape on the corresponding side. This makes learning shapes more fun and exciting, so they will be will on their way to a bright future.

The next section allows them to learn colors. Each page has a letter with a cute little animal on the page. The idea is to have your special one use the color specified at the top of the page. This teaches basic colors, letters, and allows them to have fun coloring in the items on each page.

To wrap up My Toddlers First Coloring Book, are some very basic objects, that allow for different colors. The pictures are large, to allow the initial learning of coloring items.

This is the perfect gift for your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. This book allows them to start learning at a very young age, while getting to scribble different colors across the page. Here is a perfect opportunity for bonding, while getting a little learning in as well.

  • ISBN-13: 9798987895702
  • Publisher: Lege Industries LLC
  • Author: Shane Lege
  • Product Dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h)
  • Pages: 140 Pages

My Toddlers First Coloring Book – $10.99

Below are pages within My Toddlers First Coloring Book (Pages in book do not have watermark)


2 responses to “My Toddlers First”

  1. Jane Avatar

    My daughter just loves this book. Nice big figures, easy to color and we can get her to say a few of the shapes

    1. legeindustriesllc Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words. We are happy to hear that the books was great.

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