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About the Author

Shane Lege is a Service-Disabled Veteran who was originally from a small town in Louisiana. He grew up within humble means but there was always food on the table. During the holidays, the family would all gather to enjoy each other’s company and eat our fill of some great Cajun food.

After graduating High School, he joined the U.S. Army as a 12B Combat Engineer and served in the 65th Engineering Battalion within the 25th Infantry Division out of Hawaii. From there he visited many different countries to learn how others live around the world. He had a lot of great experiences, made new friends from outside the state of Louisiana, and tried out new things, like jumping out of perfectly good aircraft.

Later in life he changed job specialties to a 68F, an Aircraft Electrician, and learned how to repair aircraft to keep them flying. This experience really pushed his mental limits as aircraft can be complex items, with many different systems that sometimes fail. However, he learned the little tricks of the trade to remain successful and keep the aircraft in the air. This led to learn how to fly small planes.

He later moved to Germany for a seven-year stint, which allowed him to see a few more countries that he always wanted to visit. From there he was able to visit Austria, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, France, and Poland. This really opened his eyes to see the different cultures from around the world.

He now resides within the state of Alabama, learning and seeing new things. Continuing to try things that are different just to see if he can do them. Loves spending time with his immediate family.